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I hired Jennifer for multiple projects including sales page content, home page content and to assist me with content for my clients.

Working with Jennifer is inspiring and motivating. She has this ability to turn my jumbled thoughts into seamless and meaningful words of art. My thoughts finally make sense and Jennifer breathed life into them. Because of her ridiculously amazing gift for words, I was able to attract and engage with more prospects and increase my conversion rate.

Some of my existing clients have seen the changes that Jennifer made and ask me, “how did you come up with that..it’s so much better than before.” I feel more confident when people land on my site now and no longer worry about if it sounds right. Whew!

Clearly I will be utilizing Jennifer for my upcoming projects. If you are interested in capturing individuals attention whether it be personal or business, I highly recommend Jennifer. Let her sprinkle her copy mojo on your projects and watch magic happen!

Erica Leach

Business Strategist, Biz School for Nurses

Jennifer is right on point every time!  When I have something I need to say and get out into the world she’s my go-to, heart-open, quick-witted, always-ready, warrior of words.

It’s rare to find someone who has the heart, patience and productivity skills to produce beautiful authentic copy that expresses exactly what you want to share with your tribe at the moment it needs to be said. I hope you get the chance to work with her to bring your message to the world.
Jeannine Yoder

Life and Business Coach, jeannineyoder.com

I hired Jennifer to collaborate with me on a high-end sales page project that I was creative director on. She wrote the copy for both the mobile and desktop versions of the sales page.

Jennifer was super organized, on top of things, and always got revisions of copy back to us before the deadline. She even made herself available to do the final edits on the page when we were done with production. Everyone loved how our copy turned out.

Jennifer nailed it! I would absolutely recommend working with her.

Melissa Burkheimer

Creative Director, melissaburkheimer.com

Jennifer wrote an ‘About Us’ bio and a set of product descriptions for one of my clients who makes and sells handmade natural soaps. She did such a great job on that project that I hired her to write regular blog posts for one of my clients. The blog posts center around graphic design, web design, entrepreneurship, productivity and creativity.

Working with Jennifer has been wonderful. She’s always very thorough with her research, delivers an excellent standard of writing and is fantastic at meeting — and even delivering before — deadlines. She has an excellent understanding of my clients’ needs and is very skilled at crafting copy that is in line with their brand messaging and voice.

Jennifer is not only a very skilled writer but a lovely person as well!

I’m extremely pleased with her work and I can’t wait to continue working with her. I would absolutely recommend working with Jennifer!

Maria Carras

Copywriter and Graphic Designer, mariacarras.com

I was impressed with Jennifer’s website and portfolio examples. I was looking for a similar style for my website. I had a ton of copy and key messages for my public relations consultancy but needed help creating compelling copy.

Working with Jennifer was a seamless experience. She immediately got back to me when I contacted her and we scheduled a quick call. She provided a detailed overview of her process and complete proposal, which was very helpful. Jennifer’s questionnaire was thorough and helped me organize my priorities and key messages. The editing process was efficient because I didn’t have a lot of feedback.

I thrilled with my copy! Jennifer was able to capture my voice and messages and create copy for my website that’s compelling and authentic.

I was impressed with how quickly Jennifer was able to turn around my project. She was able to capture my voice in the first draft so the editing process was painless and brief.

Rose Cuozzo Garbarino

Communications Consultant, Rose Cuozzo Communications

I chose to work with Jennifer to write my website copy based off of a referral. However, I also really like that Jennifer had a process to get to know what your voice is like.

It was super easy, fast, and efficient working with Jennifer! She nailed it every time, she really has a gift for this! I will totally use her for all my copywriting services. I would highly recommend working with her, it’s worth every penny.

Melissa Moreland

Creator, My Inner Queen Coaching

Jennifer created an advertisement for an e-newsletter for a nonprofit program I run for my university for students in need of graduation regalia. The goal of the ad was to encourage my fellow employees at the university to advertise the program to their students.

I’m so grateful for Jennifer. She took my message and worked her magic. I received three times the response compared to last year’s ad, all within 24 hours! Jennifer is strategic, well-versed in her craft, and interpersonally, a pleasure work with. I highly recommend making her a part of your team!

Amanda Purrier

University Administrator, George Mason University

After hiring Jennifer to write a sales page for my new course launch, I was fretting that I hadn’t given her enough information. But when she sent me the first draft, I just read through it thinking, “OMG HOW DID SHE GET IN MY HEAD? Amazing! Thank you.

I never realized how much writing is involved in the marketing of my business! Jennifer really did her research well and captured the branding of my business in verbal form spectacularly. I’m so glad I hired her, I would not have been able to pull this off myself!

Michelle Bobrow

Personal Finance Strategist, The Holistic Wallet

Jennifer helped me turn a long, loose collection of rough material into a completed book, ready to be published. She impressed me from start to finish.

My initial instructions to her, in hindsight, weren’t as clear as I thought they were. Despite that, she was able to decipher what I really wanted and dove right in to the project. She demonstrated to me that she has the kind of mind that enjoys a challenging puzzle. She could see the bigger picture, and how the pieces needed to fit together.

Honestly, I’m not sure I would have been able to complete the project without her. At least, it would have taken me a LOT more time. With her assistance, I was able to chop my timeline down from months to a few short weeks. When I started to get overwhelmed by the project, she kept her cool and kept me on track.

I can’t say enough good stuff about Jennifer. She is amazing, and I hope to get the opportunity to work with her again!

Charlyn Keating

Author and Tech Expert, charlynkeating.com

As a content editor, Jennifer helped me produce and refine content for my blog, to make it more interesting and reader-friendly.

She was awesome! Quick to respond, encouraging, and had great suggestions to help make my writing less lawyerly, which was important for this project.

I would definitely recommend working with Jennifer. Writing for a blog can be a pretty solitary experience, and it helped a lot to have someone who was so encouraging, to boot, to bounce ideas off of and get feedback from, and to steer my content in the direction that would be most effective for my audience.

Ani Mason

Attorney, Mason Matrimonial

Jennifer’s work is outstanding! Awhile back, some of my work did not seem to capture the initial success I hoped for. I reached out to her based on her reputation and could not be happier. She has supported me on a number of projects. I can tell you she knows exactly what I need. There are some projects that required her polishing touch. However, other projects took a little more involvement for the right voice and information to come out. She was absolutely critical to producing a professional product.

She is highly responsive and an excellent communicator throughout the process. She is extremely versatile in multiple copy formats. Her ability to support, even in tighter deadlines, has made her a person that must be involved for all critical projects. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Thomas Bortner

Project Lead, Information Technology

We hired Jennifer to write the copy to promote our most important annual fundraising event, Day of the Dead Festival (Dia de los Muertos). Jennifer’s copy was very helpful because it came across as being more professional than in years past.

I had multiple people compliment that way we presented the event this year. The event went well and we had a great turnout! Best of all, everything went very smoothly and everyone that came had only positive things to say.

Jocelyn Schade

Executive Director, The Multicultural Coalition

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