My Process: Step-By-Step

What’s It Really Like To Work With A Copywriter?

Every creative professional has a different process.

My process is all about taking the ordinary out of your brand and out your business. Instead, we’re going to infuse your personality, your message, your voice, and your ability for deep connection. This is what will make you stand out.

This is what will make your brand sell.


So what can you expect when working with me?


Keep in mind that depending on the deliverables you’re looking for (website copy, blogging, a sales page, etc.) this process might have slightly different steps.


But here, I’ll be using the example of a sales page to give you a good idea of our process together.

Click on each to learn more.

STEP ONE: Before we even sign up to work together, let’s jump on the phone.
  Don’t worry, there’s no pressure. I’m all about understanding not only what you’re looking for in terms of deliverables, but what you really stand for as a business owner or entrepreneur. What’s your big why? And if you don’t know, that’s okay, too. Every big brand voice starts out as a whisper. This might seem like a big topic for an intro phone call, but you know what’s great? Just by chatting voice-to-voice, however briefly, we’re much more likely to know if we click. And that’s step one for me learning what you and your business are all about, and you deciding if I’m your person.
STEP 2: Here comes your proposal.
  If you give me the go-ahead (and it’s completely up to you), you’ll get a proposal from me via email with a specific quote and timeline for you to review. Again, no pressure–make sure this feels great for you!
STEP 3: Now it’s time to get started, but I still need help from you.

It’s time to fill out a focused Branding Questionnaire. Yes, it seems like a lot of information at first, but it turns out to be fun, I promise! Here’s the questionnaire I use for my sales pages, if you’d like a peek.

STEP 4: My turn now. I retreat to my creative process, and come back with your Brand Preview.

This is your sneak peek of the voice I’ll be using to write your sales page, written up in a short excerpt of copy. You’ll receive your Brand Preview via email using Google Docs. When you read this short preview of what I’ve written so far, you’ll have just one question to answer: How does the voice sound to you? What do you love? Hate? What would you change? I welcome your feedback and critique, so no holding back! I’m working for you, but this is our collaboration.

STEP 5: I’m off to go write your sales page.
  When you’re completely comfortable with your brand voice, the next item you’ll receive from me is the first draft of your sales page, sent to you in Google Docs on or before the day we agreed on in the proposal. Then you, of course, have free reign to comment, critique, let me know what you love, like, hate, or want to change. Then I implement your round of revisions.
STEP 6: Welcome to your new sales page.
  There it is in your email inbox, yours to keep. Now it’s time for you to make some money while your new investment pays for itself many times over.

Throughout this process, it’s so important that you feel connected and in communication with me. If you forget something, want to add a thought, or have any questions or concerns? I’m always an email away.

Want to get started and book a call now? Or, simply send an email. Talk to you soon!

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