You’re a motivated, heart-centered business owner, so it’s a safe bet you love talking to your clients. And since you’re a passionate entrepreneur, you could probably talk about your business all day long, too. (I know I could.)


But do you find it much harder to write for your business? Especially in a way that shares useful information with your readers and also builds trust so they’ll one day become your clients?



I’m Jen, copywriter and content creator for online entrepreneurs and businesses of every size. I love taking your gift of connecting with people who need your help and translating it into powerful online content. The kind that leaves your website visitors thinking,She is the one I’ve been looking for.”

Whether it’s your website, email campaigns, or blog posts, I make sure all of your content is as engaging as you are.

A Little Bit About Me

As a copywriter, I use my love of words and marketing to help entrepreneurs and brands create connections, grow their influence, and most importantly make sales.

I’ve got degrees in English literature and law (a former attorney, I’m still a member of the Virginia State Bar), and I’m a Copyblogger-Certified Content Marketer.

But the credential that means the most to me isn’t a credential at all. It’s simply the feeling I get when happy, raving clients thank me for changing the face of their business.

It’s such an honor.

I wasn’t always a business owner, though.

I graduated from law school in 2010, when the devastating effects of the 2008 economic crash were still playing out in a huge way.

The legal profession was hit with huge layoffs, and newly-minted attorneys like me were competing with experienced lawyers who’d been recently let go due to massive budget cuts.

For so long, my full-time job was simply trying to get someone to hire me as an attorney.

After a few legal jobs that were a terrible fit I eventually decided to take a breather from pursuing my job as an attorney. I needed to regroup.

Have you ever felt led to do something that others might not understand? As a business owner and trailblazer, I know you can relate! Not too many people got what I was doing.

But I’ve never doubted my decision to leave the law behind.

I went on to take an administrative job at a DC-area nonprofit. It had nothing to do with law, yet it was exactly what I needed—serving a cause I believed in while working alongside inspirational people who knew what was important in life.

And for whatever reason, a lot of my coworkers happened to be very entrepreneurial.

One by one, my coworkers seemed to move on from our workplace because they were striking out on their own! One had a wedding videography business. Another trained therapy dogs. Yet another had started his own production company.

I was fascinated. Could I have my own business, too? The thought had never occurred to me.

I started researching what it might really take to use my God-given talents and interests to launch my own business.

It was around this time I discovered the field of copywriting.

Copywriting (n.) A type of written material often used to persuade a person or group as well as raise brand awareness.

I’d always loved the power of the written word, whether it was studying English literature in college, or experiencing how powerful the right words could be in the legal field. Words are how the most important cases of our time are won and lost. It’s all about writing and creating a persuasive argument.

And marketing is really just making a case for yourself and the value your business can provide.

To me, words became more magical than ever.

I took every business and writing course I could find.

Soon I was Certified by Copyblogger Media, meaning my work was evaluated and approved by leaders in the digital marketing world.

I began taking on clients, who then saw huge results. More and more clients were coming through my (digital) door. Word spread, and Jennifer Myers Creative Communication was born.

Well-crafted copy forms deep connections and makes people’s lives a little brighter. The perfect copy empowers business owners, companies of every size, and entrepreneurs who dream of making a difference.

Clearly communicating what your business offers helps people looking for your specific product or service discover and connect with you from the very beginning.

In the internet age, your written words are your voice. The first time future clients and customers “meet” you is when they visit your website.

So what will you say, and how will you say it? These are big decisions! I don’t recommend figuring it all out alone.

I’ll be right there with you. These days, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

When I’m not writing sales pages, crafting website copy or brainstorming over clients’ editorial calendars, you can find me at a yoga or Pilates class, at weekly Bible study, or planning my next beach vacation. Or preferably, I’ll be part of some magical scenario that includes all these things. (Anyone want to take on that business idea?)



10 Things I Know Are True

  1. Communicators of all kinds improve their craft by reading lots of fiction.

  1. The internet is the great equalizer. We all have access to this incredible platform that reaches around the world – that means today, you can change your life and your business.

  1. People want to feel like they’re making purchases from a person, a human being. Even if you have a huge company, it still needs an identifiable brand voice with personality and values.

  1. Every entrepreneur needs a role model. Mine is Michael Hyatt—a great writer, hugely influential, and known for being honorable.

  1. We should all go through our writing and remove the word “that” whenever possible. (Try it, it’s fun!)

  1. Traditional jobs are on the way out. Maybe we’ll all be contractors and freelancers someday.

  1. Every day is an adventure that God lets me be part of. And I’m so thankful.

  1. The beach, any beach, is a very inspirational place.

  1. I learn something new and valuable from every client I work with.

  1. No matter how winding your path, there’s no wrong way for a life to unfold. Throw your expectations out the door. Pave your own road and discover all that you and your business can do. I’ll see you out there!


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