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If you’ve got an online business, whether it’s a solopreneur shop or a big brand, you’ve probably noticed that people are looking for something different now.

In fact, they’re demanding it.


It’s that factor that makes people want to raise their hands and become part of what you’ve created. It’s what makes those clients you’re dreaming of stop in their tracks, turn around, and realize that you’re the one they need to invest in.


Because what you’re offering is exactly what they need.


You’ve got a message and a voice (even if it’s just a whisper right now). It’s time to take your message and turn it into copy that persuades, influences, and compels your reader to connect with you.


I take your message and infuse it with psychological persuasion techniques that align you with your ideal customer. When people are so hooked on what you do, so persuaded, and so comfortable with you and your business, buying what you’re selling is simply the next step.

I’m Jen, a copywriter, content creator and digital strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners with a message. I’m certified as a Content Marketer by Copyblogger Media, which means I’ve completed advanced coursework and passed a detailed review of my work by industry leaders. I specialize in those scientifically-proven strategies and techniques that convert and make sales.

I write words that spread your message, build your brand,

and make you money. 

I’m here to help you build your brand voice from the ground up. Tucked into all corners of your business and your message…will be you.

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